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What is JPValet?

JPValet aka Japanese Valet works as an online furigana generator. The software will annotate the furigana of the kanji shown in your target article, looking up the translations and generating the external learn resources of the words in the article. With the help of the software, Japanese learners don't need to look up a dictionary manually.

Why JPValet?

Many Japanese articles won't annotate furigana for their readers. If Japanese learners have to look up furigana one by one manually, it will be problematic to focus on reading. Therefore, we create JPValet to assist Japanese learners to look up kanji automatically.

How to Use JPValet?

Type or paste a Japanese article into the aforementioned text area and click "Query" button to look up the furigana of kanji of the article.

In addition to use the UI of JPValet as is, Chrome extension and Firefox extension are available as well. Whatever Japanese website you navigate, you can use our extensions to annotate the furigana of the kanji of the article you read.

Does JPValet Generate Correct Output?

JPValet utilizes natural language processing in the behind. Due to the limitations by current advance of such technology, JPValet cannot guarantee the output is always correct. If doubtful to the output, please check other Japanese materials or consult Japanese teachers.

In addition, JPValet doesn't correct wrong Japanese articles. Please confirm the input article is proper.

Does JPValet Collect User Data in the behind?

No. The specific user data is only used for sentence analysis, discarded after such computation.

Some Error Happens!

Please use our Facebook Group or Twitter to report any abnormal event related to JPValet.

The Resources Used by JPValet

JPValet utilizes MeCab to analyze Japanese sentences, generating related learning materials by a home-made program.

The external resources utilized by this web application:

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