Dynamic Inflection Table

Work in progress.

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What is Dynamic Inflection Table?

Dynamic Inflection Table shows common inflections of verbs, adjectives and adjectival nouns of Japanese. All declinable words are implemented except irregular verbs.

Why Dynamic Inflection Table?

Many Japanese dictionaries and Japanese grammar books shows inflection tables. Nevertheless, such tables are static. Japanese learners have to inflect a word by themselves. Most Japanese inflections are regular. Why not inflecting words by software? Dynamic Inflection Table is the answer to the issue.

How to Use Dynamic Inflection Table?

Input the following data to our database:

Part of SpeechInput
Class I VerbTerminal Form
Class II VerbTerminal Form
くるTerminal Form
するTerminal Form
する Compound VerbStem
AdjectiveTerminal Form
Adjectival NounStem

You only need to input either kana or kanji.

Is the Output of Dynamic Inflection Table Complete?

The database has implemented the following inflections:

  • Present tense
  • Past tense
  • Gerundive form (te form)
  • (Verb) present continuous
  • (Verb) past continuous
  • Provisional conditional
  • Conditional

More inflections on the way.

Is the Output of Dynamic Inflection Table Correct?

Most of the inflections of Japanese are regular. Therefore, it is straightforward to implement a dynamic table of Japanese inflection. Nevertheless, the meaning of such inflections may not be correct semantically. If doubtful to the inflection table, consult other materials or a Japanese teacher by yourself.

Some Error Happens.

Use our Facebook Group or Twitter to report any error of Dynamic Inflection Table.

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