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Some pages are still in Chinese. Translations in progress.

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What is @learnJPOnline?

@learnJPOnline, aka Learn and Exercise Japanese, is an online Japanese learning platform for self-learners. We provide several Japanese learning web applications that are ready to use with any modern browser. In addition, we add static learning materials for beginners gradually.

Do I Need to Pay to Use @learnJPOnline?

We have no any paid plan now. Michelle Chen, the host of @learnJPOnline, prefers free software as well. Hence, enjoy your Japanese learning with our website for free.

Do I Need to Register to Use @learnJPOnline?

Website registrations are a mean to authorize users and manage resources of a website. Currently, the web applications of @learnJPOnline don't need user authorization. Therefore, we don't implement register and sign-in buttons.

Will @learnJPOnline Collect my Data in the behind?

The specific user data are only used for sentence analysis, discarded after such computation.

Give Us Feedback

Please give us feedback through our Facebook Group or Twitter. There is no need to build a dedicated forum for a small website.

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Learn and Exercise Japanese
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